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The Insurance Man understands that keeping your house, and everything and everyone in it, safe is huge. We can make sure that your property is covered if something happens to it. We are the unsurpassed leader in Southwest Florida in making sure you have the best homeowners insurance. You can depend on us to have it covered in the event of an emergency. The Insurance Man has insurance from Progressive, Farmers and MGA for all of your homeowners insurance needs, and we customize your plan with very competitive rates. Our staff will answer all of your questions and let you know what is going on as we partner with you. If something happens to your home or property, The Insurance Man will be there to help you out.

Something to Depend On

We offer homeowners insurance you can depend on. From dwelling coverage to flood insurance, we have policies that suit your needs and budget. Call us at (239) 334-0777 and we’ll figure out what you need.

Trust Us To Know What Policy You Need

We know that you won’t want to break the bank in paying for your home insurance, which, as we all know, can be pretty expensive in Florida. We can help you find the policy that is best for you and will keep you from spending money if you need to file a claim. Some of the most common claims in Florida are:

Water Damage
Lightning Strikes

Insurance Coverage Varies Depending on Damage

The Insurance Man knows that insurance policies vary depending on the type of home that you live in. Some of the types covered residences include:

  • Houses
  • Mobile homes
  • Townhouses
  • Condos
  • Rental properties
  • And More!

Factors That Affect Your Homeowners Insurance

When you meet with the experts at The Insurance Man, we’ll make sure you know that there are others ffactors that will affect your homeowners policy like:

  • Location
  • Age of the house
  • Building material
  • Recent claims
  • Fire protection
  • Historical status